Train Horns & Limits

We all know the sound. Many of us can tell which direction a train is coming from. We know the rumble before the horn.

The majority of train horns are from Nathan Airchime. Their max decibel on their horns is 149.95 Decibels, far exceeding the decibels permitted by the Federal Railroad Authority max decibel of 110db.

An Example of one of the horns on sale.

Thank you ZMScience, Here are a few sound levels for reference:

  • rainfall: 50 dB;
  • noisy restaurant: 70 dB;
  • loud-ish music on speakers: 80 dB;
  • electric drill: 95 dB;
  • football game: 115 dB;
  • thunder: 120 dB;
  • shotgun: 140 dB.

The train horns are clearly not being regulated properly.

Why are these permitted?

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